To save my app, here’s how to do it in 4 simple steps.

1. Click the share button at the bottom of your screen.*fullsizeoutput_9d1f*jpeg?alt=media&token=203c731b-6184-4e8e-b69a-df0e23ac699a

2. Swipe left until you see add to home screen.*fullsizeoutput_9d22*jpeg?alt=media&token=2ba0d66a-213d-4466-b782-58338d56330b

3. Click add to home screen.*fullsizeoutput_9d28*jpeg?alt=media&token=ad858277-befe-44b0-bd19-b1b18175476b

4. Click add to home screen.*fullsizeoutput_9d2a*jpeg?alt=media&token=c4e60dc3-7d0a-4d41-9775-f76a6a2fc6c4
Youre all set! Tap the button ⬇️ down there and save the app on the next screen!

Here’s a video with no sound so you can see it.